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Our Customer Service Policy

  1. The defect scale will be collected by us after 3 days after notice from customer.
  2. The defect scale will be attended and checked within 3 days after received.
  3. After customer confirmed the repair, we will proceed and complete within 7 days.

Thai Scale Service Team recognizes the importance of the quality and continuous service.

We are ready to provide repair work in an effective manner by experienced scale service engineers.

Services offer by electrical technicians nationwide.

Focus on after sales service excellence regarding products warranty and maintenance.Every organization always requires the efficient production process to acquire the number of products as targeted. Therefore, related machines and scales are a part of business advantages. The preventive maintenance must be carried out before the business breakdown.

The Company, thus, would like to propose the Service Contract to be provided by the Company’s experienced technical staff that have been specifically trained and are pleased to provide some advice and services with cut-of-edge tools and spares in standard prices.


The scope of our service is as follows

  • Check up the working system of each machine by experienced technicians specifically trained
  • Scales Cleaning
  • Calibrate with the standard weight balance and certificate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005
  • Inform of any defects, solutions and precise repairing costs to customers
  • Recheck each and every work before submitting to customers
  • Certify the service quality for all customers under ISO 9001: 2015
  • In cases of problems occur after serviced, the repair service will be provided within 72 hours with free of charge (excluding cost of spare parts)
  • Offer the discount of spares at 10%.

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