Thai Scale Co., Ltd.

We start our business as a family business. Now we have operated for almost century from generation to generation. We are expert of weighing scale and system, and we believe that the accuracy on measurement is a core of every business. In addition to our expertise on weighing scale and system, we also provide calibration services, the one and only in Thailand which is able to certify up to 150 tons. We will continue to develop and bring the best measurement and service to our customers.

89 years of experience

Manufacture, install, and calibrate all kinds of scale with international standard in order to satisfy our customers.

Updated technology and innovation

Provide design updated customized measurement system with software by our professional engineer team.

Calibration laboratory

Calibrate up to 150 tons, certified by ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by TISI.

Recommended products


  • Super size LCD display with backlight
  • High internal resolution 1/300,000
  • Display resolution up to 1/15,000
  • Support 8×350 Ohm loadcells
  • Optional dot matrix printer
  • RS 232C
  • Built-in clock
30 kg 2 g 31×42 cm
60 kg 5 g 31×42 cm, 41×52 cm
150 kg 10 g 41×52 cm, 60×70 cm
300 kg 20 g 41×52 cm, 60×70 cm
500 kg 50 g 60×70 cm, Made to Order
600 kg 100 g 60×80 cm, Made to Order


Stainless steel digital crane scale with IP67 protection against dust and sprays, 40mm DOT LED large display, for maximum visibility from all angles and in any lighting condition, even direct sunlight.
The single security system makes them suitable for lifting and weighing the load.
Sturdy and reliable, usable indoors as well as outdoors. Minimum reduction of the crane’s lifting space.

3 t 1 kg
6 t 2 kg
9/12 t 5 kg
17/25 t 10 kg
30/50 t 20 kg


The OZONE generators sterilize and deodorize by generating ozone (O3). Mixed with either water or air, ozone is useful in a wide variety of applications for removing mold and slime, maintaining the freshness of vegetables, and repelling pests and vermin. Ozone is very economical, since it is produced electrically from oxygen that is present in the air. Leaving no harmful residue, it is environmentally friendly, and provides a convenient means of improving sanitation.


  • High precision, basic applications, affordable budget
  • User friendly operation
  • Highly visible, LCD display with back light
  • Connection to outside devices through standard RS232C output

SHEKEL Neonatal Scales

Healthweigh® Baby and Neonatal scales are ergonomically designed for the newborn and growing baby. The scales feature advanced technology for precision weighing which is important for keeping track of the baby’s growth. Shekel advanced technology is so precise that our scales are integrated into warmers and incubators used to sustain premature babies. Unique movement compensation technology provides 100% accuracy, even when baby moves during weighing.

20 kg 10 g


  • Weight indicator with ABS IP54 case
  • 5-key keypad.
  • Backlit LCD display
  • standard weighing program.

DIGI DI-166 Series

  • 22 mm LCD screen
  • Use 220V / 6V battery
  • Interface RS-232C
30 kg 5 g
60 kg 5 g
150 kg 10 g
300 kg 20 g
500 kg 50 g
600 kg 100 g

VIBRA External Display SDI/SDR

SDI works as second display in various scene like face-to-face sales in jewelry shops, hang-on display in manufacturing line

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