High precision scales, stainless steel, waterproof and dust (IP65)
Capacity: 220g ~ 15kg/ Readability: 0.01 g ~ 1g

  • The LCD screen with a large back-light
  • Body Stainless (SUS 304)
  • High precision, dust and waterproof, resistant to chemicals.
  • The measurement mode and functions for industrial weighing, counting. Percentage contribution to compare density.
  • InterfaceRS232C
Suitable for
  • Room Lab
  • Industrial
  • Restaurant, etc.


Heavy duty precision balance with stainless steel housing
  • IP65, water and dust proof
  • Reliable measurement even in tough condition
Common Specification
Tare Zero to Full weighing range
Span adjustment Manual operation Span Adjustment with external calibration weight
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Over error “o-Err” showed when Full weight range + 9 more digits over
Temperature and humidity range 0 ~ 40℃、Up to 80% rh(without the dew condensation)
Power source AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 5.95VDC
Output RS232C(Dsub 9P)
Heavy duty precision balance with water and dust proof feature

CJ series promises the excellent performance in any environment, dust atmosphere, mist, oil splashes, dark condition… etc. The stainless-steel upper case is resistant to chemical products, and easy to clean. This is the best solution to your every needs.

Minimize the response time and keep the indication stable

Unique tuning-fork sensing system achieves the high speed response and stable indication necessary for reliable measurement. The fast response ensures the comfortable and efficient operation.

Low energy consuming, high portability

Low energy-consuming design allows CJ series to operate for 200 hours with dry-cell battery (when back-lit is OFF). It is very much suitable for mobile use (32-hour operation with dry-cell battery in case of back-lit ON)

Various measurement modes & functions for industrial weighing

Parts counting, percentage, comparator, density measurement… CJ is the answer to various requirements in the industrial weighing. You can easily set the appropriate mode with arrow key.

Animal weighing

CJ series has animal weighing mode which can accurately weigh the moving animal. The special bucket for animal weighing is available as option.

Connecting to outside devices

RS232C output is equipped as standard, easy connection to outside devices like PC. Plentiful outputs besides RS232C are available as option (special WP cable option is necessary when CJ should be used with RS232C output as water-proof).

Available models
Model name
Pan size
CJ-220E 220g 0.01g 140mm dia 206×312×89mm
CJ-620E 620g 0.01g 140mm dia 206×312×89mm
CJ-820E 820g 0.01g 140mm dia 206×312×89mm
CJ-2200E 2200g 0.1g 190×190mm 206×312×89mm
CJ-6200E 6200g 0.1g 190×190mm 206×312×89mm
CJ-8200E 8200g 0.1g 190×190mm 206×312×89mm