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  • Super size LCD display with backlight
  • High internal resolution 1/300,000
  • Display resolution up to 1/15,000
  • Support 8×350 Ohm loadcells
  • Optional dot matrix printer
  • RS 232C/USB/set point interface
  • Built-in clock


  • Weight indicator with ABS IP54 case
  • 5-key keypad.
  • Backlit LCD display
  • standard weighing program.
rice lake 480-indicatorkrice lake 480-indicator


• Time and date, battery backed
• Local/remote operation
• Numeric keypad (480/482 Plus)
• Keyed entries for setpoint values (480/482 Plus)
• Two independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20 mA
• NEMA Type 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
• Programmable ticket formats for gross, net, accumulator and setpoints
• Five continuous stream formats
• Adapter filter or rolling average filter
• Operator functions through menu for audit trail, preset tare, unit ID, accumulator, time and date, setpoints, communications and print formats
• Eight setpoints, sequenced batch engine

rice lake 720i indicatorrice lake 720i indicator


  • Rice Lake Electronics Scale Model 720i Universal 115/230 VAC
  • Product from Rice Lake Weighing Systems (USA.)
  • Capacity 2000 Kg Readability 0.5 Kg.
  • LCD display size : panel mount (3.8in x 1.2in) universal (5.3inx1.5in)
  • Four soft keys
  • Truck in/out, 1,000-ID menory
  • Process control engine ProAction PCE define conditions and actions
  • Data storage onboard, ProAction DBE user- defined
  • (Eight Digital I/O (expandable)
  • One option slot for pluggable options
  • (20) Auxiliary print formats
rice lake 820i indicatorrice lake 820i indicator


  • LCD backlit display (W x H) 4.6 in x 2.2 in
  • One small option slot and one large option slot for pluggable options
  • Weight display from 0.5 in to 0.75 in
  • Display up to two scales (scale 1, scale 2 and total)
  • Five user-defined soft-keys
  • Weight or millivolt calibration with linearization and geographical compensation


  • LCD display, (W x H) 4.6 in x 3.4 in
  • Selectable character sizes from 0.25 in to 1.2 in
  • 60 configurable operator prompts
  • Display up to four scale channels per screen with required Legal for Trade information
  • 32 scale accumulators
  • Five softkeys with 10 user-defined, 14 preset functions per screen
  • Ten programmable display screens
rice lake cw 90 indicator


  • Membrane keypad consisting of ZERO, UNITS, PRINT, TARE, OVER, UNDER, ID, TARGET, 0-9, CLEAR, DECIMAL, ENTER, MENU, POWER
  • 304 stainless steel, IP66 rated indicator
  • PreVentTM breather vent
  • Storage for up to 50 IDs
  • Unit of Measure: kg, gm, lb, oz, lb/oz (lb/oz is not Legal for Trade)
  • High-intensity LED display
  • Battery backed time and date
  • Two full duplex RS-232 serial ports
rice lake IQ 355-indicatorrice lake IQ 355-indicator


  • • Large .8″ (20.3 mm) Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display
    • Configurable analog to digital measurement rate
    • Power for eight 350 ohm load cells or sixteen 700 ohm load cells
    • Primary/secondary units configuration: lb, kg, ounces, short tons, metric tons, grams, or none
    • Nema 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
    • 5-button operation

T-Scale BW

  • Big LCD  52 mm high
  • Resolution 1 / 30,000 division
  • Power: AC 220V / Rechargeable battery
  • Standard equipment RS232C